In 2010 I participated in The Story Siren's YA Debut Author Challenge. I have been inspired from her challenge to create one of my own for adult novels. So in 2012 I will be contacting debut author's in hopes of reviewing their novels for my blog. I welcome anyone to take this challenge as well.

1. Clearly research the novels you wish to use for your challenge. I will do my best to maintain a list on both my blog and on here on my Fan Page.

2. Set a number of novels you hope to read in the year 2012 from never before published author in the adult field. (If they have previously been published in the childrens or young adult field they are still applicable to this challenge as long as they don't have any previously published adult novels.)

3. Create a place to post your reviews for each novel. (This can be a blog, website, or even create a Facebook Note.)

4. Leave your name and your location of where you will be posting your reviews in a comment below.

5. The most important rule- enjoy!!!!!

Debut author's if your title & name are not on my list please send me a message and I will gladly add it. If you're interested in sending me an ARC, or any promotional materials for your upcoming novel please refer to my contact page featured on this blog. Thank you and best of luck to all of you in 2012!