Monday, November 1, 2010

Past Midnight by Mara Purnhagen

I don't believe in ghosts.
Unfortunately they believe in me.

Let me set the record straight. my name is Charlotte Silver and I'm not one of those paranormal-obsessed freaks you see on, those would be my parents, who have their own ghost-hunting reality show. And while I'm usually roped into the behind-the-scenes work, it turns out that I haven't gone unnoticed. Something happened on my parent' research trip in Charleston-and now I'm being stalked by some truly frightening other beings. Trying to fit into a new schooland keeping my parents' creepy occupation a secret from my friends and potential boyfriends-is hard enough without having angry spirits whispering in my ear. All I ever wanted was to be normal, but with the ghosts of my past and present colliding, now I just want to make it out of high school alive...

This is an ARC that I had requested from the author. She willingly sent me the novel included with an autograph and a bookmark of the book itself. As I began the story it was quickly acknowleged how fast, comfortable and easy to tead it would be. The beginning actually starts with a deja vu of sorts that you have already been in the story before you begun to read. It also had a feel of "Ghost Hunter's" and "The Ghost Whisperer," even if it was a more adolescent view.

With the exception of my work and school, I sincerely didn't want to put this book down!This is definitely one of my top new favorite series of the year. Chapter 1-15 were gradually paced. Then along comes Chapter 16 and you feel like a catapultation of suspense. Then it guickly slowed down again.

Clearly the novel is fiction. However even ficticiously the drama involved with Avery, Adam & Jared, was very surreal. The loss of someone in your life causes many effects, very rarely do we ever get them reconciled.

The Pickens' resolution I thought was phenomenal. Differentialy tho, I thought the resolution between Avery, Adam & Jared was very minimalistic. Personally I felt it should have been prolonged. Or even resolved in book two which could lead into the exciting new adventure in this series?!

I had a couple favorite quotes in this novel. Here they are:

"...the trick is not to prove something is real, but to prove that it is not real."

"The truth is that the paranormal is normal. It's just a normal we don't understand yet."

"I was a little overwhelmed at the thought that I was surrounded by people willing to walk into the unknown with me."

Thanks again to Mara for the novel, authograph, bookmark and our interview. I sincerely apologize for the delay in the post. I look forward to more adventures with you and the characters in the new series.

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