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Star Wars Head-to-Head: The 30 Wildest Matchups You've Never Seen! by Pablo Hildago

What would happen if your favorite Star Wars characters, creatures, and vehicles that never got to duel were to go head-to-head? Thirty stunning battles include Darth Vader Vs. Yoda, the Millenium Falcon Vs. the Sith Infiltrator, and Ewok Vs. Jawa! Decide who you think would win these never-before-seen face-offs. Then check out what the experts have to say about these incredible showdowns!

This book was a hard one to decide on how to approach a review. The easiest option was to simply say,"Yes it was good." Or, "No it was bad!" Realistically that wasn't an option. So I approached this review as if it were a real championship. I reviewed each battle and simply compiled it into a list of my thoughts and whether I agreed or disagreed. Everyone knows I am a die-hard Star Wars fanatic. Yes, I even have a Star Wars shrine. As much of a die-hard fan as I am, some of these characters I don't remember. So here it goes...

Yoda Vs. Darth Vader:
I am an extreme fan of both, but this is the epitome of Star Wars conflicts. We all want to know who would win. I personally see them both battling til their deaths. Only (George) Lucas can deem the true winner of this fight. DISAGREE!

Obi-Wan Kenobi Vs. Boba Fett:
The winner is obviously Obi-Wan. It would be too off the wall for Boba who is still grieving over his father's death, as a grown man, to so easily subdue Obi-Wan. AGREE!

Luke Vs. Anakin Skywalker:
Yet another obvious win. We've all seen the movies. Although Anakin's self-sacrifice to save his loved ones, only becomes his ultimate downfall. Either way you look at it, Anakin or Darth Vader, the end is the same. Luke prevails over his father. AGREE!

General Grievous Vs. Palpatine:
This is a tough match-up. The skill of Grievous meets the power & knowledge of Palpatine. I see Palpatine winning. However, they both have a human heart that can be destroyed. AGREE!

Padme Amidala Vs. Zam Wesell:
Tough fight! DISAGREE!

Speeder Bike Vs. Wookie Gnasp:
Although I prefer the Speeder Bike for appeal factor I think the Gnasp would destroy a Speeder lightning fast! The movies feature so many downfalls of the Speeder than they do the Gnasp. DISAGREE!

Jabba's Rancor Vs. Nexu:
Based on the stats these two are in a close tie. I think Nexu would kill Rancor in a flash. DISAGREE!

AT-Atwalker Vs. Clone Turbo Tank:
Not sure how two vehicles battle, but I would think the Clone Tank would win. The Walker has too many weak spots, most notably the tall, long legs. This was proven in the movies battle scenes. DISAGREE!

Darth Maul Vs. Kit Fisto:
Aside from Vader, Maul is my favorite Darth Sith. I wished that he could battle Kit Fisto, but in the end... DISAGREE!

Han Solo Vs. Jango Fett
Not a Han solo fan. AGREE!

Jedi Starfighter Vs. The Interceptor
I've been a fan of The Interceptor since I was a kid, and saw the movies. AGREE!

Jawa Vs. Ewok:
One of my top favorite creatures in the Star Wars saga is the Ewok. The Jawa are a weak civilization. Without weaponry they're useless. The Ewok without a doubt would win! AGREE!

Star Destroyer Vs. Trade Federation Battleship:
Star Destroyer is an easy win. Just attacking the center of the Battleship with one good shot, crashes the ship. AGREE!

Clone Trooper Vs. Stormtrooper:
Clone Trooper is another easy win. They were created to perfection. They clearly surpass the inadequate Stormtroopers. AGREE!

Bantha Vs. Reek:
The Bantha should win. They're more intelligent. In the end, I guess it would be a toss up based on endurance?! DISAGREE!

Millenium Falcon Vs. Sith Infiltrator:
The Falcon is more advanced than Darth Maul's Infiltrator. AGREE!

R2-D2 Vs. IG-88:
IG-88 is a more formidable opponent, sorry R2. :( AGREE!

Tie-Fighter Vs. Naboo N-1 Starfighter:
Although the Starfighter by appeal is cool, it is a weak ship. The Tie-fighter is an amazing piece of weaponry. AGREE!

Jabba the Hut Vs. Jar Jar Binks:
Poor Jar Jar. Obviously Jabba would win. Jar Jar is far too clumsy to win a battle one-on-one. AGREE!

X-wing Vs. Grievous Starfighter:
The X-wing is a way better fighter and has better flight equipment. It appears that the aircrafts from episodes 4-6 are better equipped. Which should be obvious since the engineering is more advanced. AGREE!

Acklay Vs. Boga:
Boga is cool. She is fast, viscious, and can climb. Acklay is more hesitant. AGREE!

AR-170 Vs. B-Wing:
Based on control, the Hull and firepower could easily take out it's opponent. AGREE!

Chewbacca Vs. Wampa:
Chewie is a fierce competitor, but this would have been a great showdown. AGREE!

Princess Leia Vs. Aurra Sing:
Undecided. I don't remember Aurra.

Bossk Vs. Droideka:
Droideka should win because of their defector shields Vs. Bossk's regrowth of limbs. DISAGREE!

Snowspeeder Vs. Attack Gunship:
The Snowspeeder is just badass in so many ways! AGREED!

Lando Calrissian Vs. Gamorrean Guard:
Lando is awesome! He's a smart & skillful fighter. The Gamorreans are idiotic swine- pun intended! AGREE!

Y-Wing Vs. Vulture Droid:
Y-Wing offers more weapons to better the fragility of the Vulture Droid. AGREE!

Magnaguard Droid Vs. Royal Guard:
Hands down easy decision. AGREE!

Gungan Vs. Tuskan Raider:
Jar Jar Binks, hello!!!!!! AGREE!

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