As there are too many friggin' weirdos (like me) out there, I choose not to divulge too much of that personal information here. However I will let you know what Steven's Cybrary is about.

This blog was originally created by me with some miraculous guidance of Carolyn Turgeon's novel, Godmother: The Secret Cinderella Story. The book was sent to me out of the blue. Why you might ask? I'm still wondering that myself! Upon it's arrival I noticed ADVANCED REVIEW COPY on the cover. I clearly and quite stupidly had not a clue what that even was nor meant! God bless Google! I did my research and found out it was a book that is sent to various individuals to help spread the word of upcoming novels well in advance of their actual publication dates. So basically I got the book before you people could have even bought it online! NE! NE! NE!

So that was the birth of Steven's Cybrary, a name I basically pulled out of my ass. So many people love it and think it's catchy. I even had one friend who said I should copyright it! HA! Anyways so after Godmother, I randomly began contacting a few authors of books I would see in stores that I wanted to read, online advertisements etc. Much to my shock and surprise the majority and I mean, THE MAJORITY!, accepted my request and have sent me their novels since December 2009. In addition to the free books, I have had the most awesome pleasure of interviewing these wonderful creatures we call AUTHORS!

The icing on the cake for you all tho' is when I feature my monthly contests. Occasionally they will send me gifts such as bookmarks, book plates, and sometimes even autograph them! Stay tuned each month for a new contest and don't forget to become a "Follower" on Steven's Cybrary featured on Blogger and Facebook. Happy reading!