Sunday, May 23, 2010

Author Carrie Vaughn Interview

 I contacted Carrie in hopes of doing a review for her newest novel "Voices of Dragon's" and an interview. Unfortunately she didn't have a copy of the book. However the publisher sent me a copy in her honor. This is Carrie's first YA book, but she is most known for her "Kitty" series. Thank you Carrie for your time and generosity in doing this interview with us!

"Voices of Dragons" is your first YA novel. Why the switch?

It's not really a switch -- I'm still going to be writing Kitty novels. But Voices of Dragons needed to be a young adult novel. I tried writing it as a straightforward fantasy and it didn't work. The main character is a teenager, it has themes of rebellion, growing up, and learning to stand up for what you believe in that really resonated with that teenage character, so it just seemed to suit the YA market much better.

You do your own laundry! Do you seperate and such?! :)
Probably not as well as I should.

I think you top previous author's in short story stats!....
I've been writing for a long time. . .

Where did your fascination for werewolves come from?
To be honest, I decided to write about werewolves because I was bored with vampires. I didn't think I had anything to add to the vampire mythos, but I had a lot to say about werewolves -- they've been sadly neglected.

Your site says "Dragons" is your first YA, but your blog says "Steel" is? Ok Carrie, which one is it the chicken or the egg?
I think there's a misunderstanding. . . Voices of Dragons is my first YA book. People have been asking about a sequel to that one, but on the blog I mentioned I had a different YA, Steel, I wanted to write first. So, Steel isn't first, it just came before the sequel to Voices of Dragons. But after Voices of Dragons. All clear now?

Do you have a graphic artist you can't wait to work with on doing one of your novels cover art?
Well, I don't really work with the cover artists for my books. They work with the publisher's art department. They usually have a really specific plan in mind, and I don't get much input. That said, I'm working on a superhero novel now and I think an Alex Ross cover would be just dandy.

Have you ever been to Comi-Con?
I've been to San Deigo Comic Con once and New York Comic Con once. I wouldn't mind going back to either.

What genre do you despise?
I don't despise any. Genres are tools that let you tell a wide range of stories. I've been able to use horror, thriller, mystery, a little science fiction, a little romance, and so on, in all my writing. Anything is fair game, and I can learn from all genres.

Do you find it's easier to complete a piece after you have done so many?
I don't know that the actual writing is easier. What's a little bit easier is the confidence. When I encounter a problem, I can usually take a step back and say, "Ah yes, this happened before, and I got through it the last time so I'll get through it this time."

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