Saturday, May 29, 2010

Where Have I Been???

This is for all of my readers, friends, family and all you other unknown cyberstalkers out there....

The move from NC to KY went well. The week after we moved however, not so much, was ruined by the Midwest Flood. My grandma had just had knee replacement surgery and two weeks later the flood ruined her house. 10 more payments and the house would have been paid for. The flood water reached the roof of the house and they basically lost everything. Some things were salvageable but most things were irreplaceable and held too many memories to be washed away. Our house was fine. The town itself was deemed a disaster area by FEMA. There were so many people willing to help in any way possible: food, clothes, toys, accessories, decorations, toiletries. If it was house worthy or a necessity or not, someone had it. It was such a horrible tragedy, yet it was like a cleansing in a way. The community was brought together in a way nothing else can do but tragedies and Creator. The town is still recovering and I'm sure with the poverty and the economy in the state that it is; it will be recovering for quite a time.

Yesterday was one of my baby brother's weddings. It was such a wonderful experience to be a part of his joy and love. I now have another sister to add to the collection, and soon another niece courtesy of my new sister-in-law and brother. With all the stress and anxiety I've been dealing with over the past year this was a much needed event. To add to the tragedy list, my aunt now has cancer, seems to be doing quite well with aggressive chemo treatments. My youngest sister was in a horrible accident in Alaska and is in a coma. She's still unconscious but the doctors say things are looking up. As stubborn as she is I hope she can use that for her instead of usually using it against herself. She can use all the prayers you can send. Sometimes you have to just know when it's Creator's choice to do what is to be done.

In regards to the book reviews/interviews I unfortunately have to put them on hold until the phone companies main office is up and running appropriately in the aftermath of the Midwest Flood. I do have over 11 reviews that are finished, just need typed up, and quite a few interviews to post as well. About the contest I was running I am going to continue it until June 1. The winner will be chosen then.

Thank you all again for your love, prayers, support and joining of this endeavour.

If you're an author or publicist inquiring me to do a review on your book, an interview or both you can send your inquiry to me at:

Steven Foley
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