Saturday, January 9, 2010

Immortal Sins by: Amanda Ashley

"Three centuries ago, vampire Jason Rourke succumbed to temptation with a wizard’s lovely daughter—and that brief taste of pleasure earned him a powerful curse. Trapped within a painting, unable to quench the hellish thirst that torments him, Jason has given up hope of escape until Karinna Adams purchases the painting and unwittingly frees him.

At first, Jason plans only to enlist Kari’s help in navigating this strange new world so he can find and punish the wizard who entrapped him. But Kari’s enticing sensuality and innocence incite a growing need in Jason to touch and taste her, to possess her utterly. For the gulf between them—and the danger that awaits—is nothing compared to a potent, primal hunger that will last for all eternity… "

Well I am still awaiting the arrival for the Harlequin romance novel. Creator must have intervened somehow. Yesterday my mom came home and gifted me this book. Since Twilight, I haven't found any books that have held my attention except for Godmother (see previous blog). I haven't even had this book for a full day yet and I am already more than halfway through it. It is so captivating, and some of the vampire myth's the author uses are FREAKING AWESOME! I'm like, why didn't I think of that?! I quickly browsed her website and was in awe. A STAR WARS FAN AS WELL! *Sigh* If I weren't gay, I'd be in love. LMAO! She is another author who just has the capability to write well with an added sense of quirky humor. I can't wait to finish reading the book so I can obtain the others. Maybe I can bribe her into letting me get some ACR's for the blog? What do you think? You can view her site at Amanda writes in many genre's in addition to her vampire collection. Check her site out. Will post another blog when the book is finished.

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