Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saint Iggy by K.L. Going


When Iggy Corso gets kicked out of high school, there's no one for him to tell. His mother has gone off, his father is stoned on the couch, and because the phone's been disconnected, even the social worker can't get through. So Iggy goes out into the world to make something of his life, but that's not easy when you're sixteen, have no skills, and your only friend is a law school dropout. But Iggy is... Iggy, and he's got the kind of wisdom that lets him see things no one else can."

I want to thank K.L Going for sending me a copy of Saint Iggy to review. Although this was a 2006 release, the story was too captivating for me to pass bye. From the opening scene it is evident that K.L. wants to grab the reader's focus. This scene set the pace for the entire story. Iggy is a victim of his parent's drug addictions. He was born a crystal meth baby. No one, not even his parent's, understand Iggy. He is mistaken as a druggy because of his "rental units" and everyone thinks he's nothing but trouble.

Mrs. Brando, Iggy's former Spanish teacher, accuses Iggy of threatening her. Thanks to her Iggy is suspended and this begins his downward spiral of mistaken identity. The only person Iggy can turn to is his friend Mo. Mo is a confused soul himself. Throughout the story you follow Iggy & Mo on their adventures in drugs and spirituality. Iggy finally finds a stable adult he can rely on, Mo's mom. Mo's mom tries to teach Iggy things to help him win his entrance back into high school and revoke the suspended sentence. Things escalate and Mo & Iggy are in the middle of a serious drug predicament. I can't go any further without ruining this amazing story.

I really didn't expect this story to exceed my expectations to be honest. I knew with its premise it was going to be great. I just didn't realize how moving and close to home this novel would take me. If Ms. Going hasn't been around the drug scene, it's amazing how perfect she writes that lifestyle. I think this is a great book to recommend to all of the misunderstood teenage boys all over the world. This story will move you and touch upon your soul in ways you could never expect.

There with three quotes from the story I wanted to share. Each one meant something different for me.

"Mo says life can change on a dime, and I haven't got a dime, but me and Mo together- we can probably get one." (This for me is just too realistic. I have known the feeling of being penniless, LITERALLY, among other things. So this really hit a spot for me.)

"Mo grins. He tries to stop but can't, so it comes out lopsided, like a guru who just got laid." (This was probably one of the most funniest lines I read in the whole book.)

"That's a good example, he says. Human beings certainly are fickle creatures, blown by the winds of our desires." (This is a quote I think anyone can really relate too. There's really no more need for me to go on with an explanation of why I like this."

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  1. anymore qutoes that pop out to you? and the ones that do what do they mean to you?