Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Mail Call

Hey readers! In the mail today came my copies of "Chernobyl Murders" & "Traffyck" sent from author Michael Beres. He also included a brief typed letter offering his thanks for my future review. I thought that was pretty cool! I want to thank him again for the review copies, and for his upcoming interview this month. He has some interesting things to speak about. So look forward to that! Also shortly after the mail ran Fed Ex came by with my copy of "Firespell" sent from author Chloe Neill and her publishers. I also want to thank them for the review copy as well.

Wednesday I did finish reviewing "Princess for Hire" by Lindsey Leavitt. However I began the review writing of it yesterday and just wasn't happy with my review of it. So by Sunday I should have the review posted. I will be busy today adding author banners (if I can figure it out!) on here. In addition to that I have two more authors sending me review copies, Jeff Jacobson's "Wormfood" and Jaye Wells "Red Headed Step Child" & "The Mage is Black." I had an exciting reply from Jeff in response to my query. He left me smiling that's for sure. I can't express just how much I love the horror/supernatural genre. He is a kindred soul. The topping on the cake of that both Jeff & Jaye are also offering to do an interview for a later edition. Double yay! :)

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