Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ally Blue

Hey gang! Well yesterday was my birthday- one that I wasn't ready to embrace. Yet it embraced me instead. I recieved a call from an old roomy, my friend Marie, and various family members. My facebook account was blowing up with bday wishes. I thought I was going to never catch up. Now that I am, I am excited to tell you about yesterday.

I came across a wonderful website that does book contests. There were so many, I think I entered all but 10. So many "good reads." which is probably why they called it http://www.goodreads.com/ I also recieved an email from a local author in my area named Ally Blue. She is such a wonderful person and hilarious is just one of her many traits. She is offering to send me some of her books for me to blog upon.  Ally has one series, Bay City Paranormal Investigations, that I am absolutely excited to read. It revolves around a gay group of Paranormal Investigators with some "hot sexy manlove" as Ally would say. :) "Dragon's Kiss" is another, and even "Fireflies" a novel about what I believe are faeries.

In addition to all the ARC's, and book giveaways coming my way, my friend Marie purchased the "Undead Series" by Mary Janice Davidson for my birthday. I am excited to add them to my book collection. I'm getting fidgety readers not having a good book to indulge myself in. Hope one comes tomorrow. Until next time., check out the link section to view some amazing people.

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