Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oleander House by Ally Blue

When Sam Raintree goes to work for Bay City Paranormal Investigations, he expects his quiet life to change—he doesn’t expect to put his life and sanity on the line, or to fall for a man he can never have.

Book One in the Bay City Paranormal Investigation series.

Sam Raintree has never been normal. All his life, he’s experienced things he can’t explain. Things that have colored his view of the world and of himself. So taking a job as a paranormal investigator seems like a perfect fit. His new co-workers, he figures, don’t have to know he’s gay.

When Sam arrives at Oleander House, the site of his first assignment with Bay City Paranormal Investigations, nothing is what he expected. The repetitive yet exciting work, the unusual and violent history of the house, the intensely erotic and terrifying dreams which plague his sleep. But the most unexpected thing is Dr. Bo Broussard, the group’s leader.

From the moment they meet, Sam is strongly attracted to his intelligent, alluring boss. It doesn’t take Sam long to figure out that although Bo has led a heterosexual life, he is very much in the closet, and wants Sam as badly as Sam wants him.

As the investigation of Oleander House progresses and paranormal events in the house escalate, Sam and Bo circle warily around their mutual attraction, until a single night of bloodshed and revelation changes their lives forever.

The thing that drew me to this book, first off, was the fact it's part of a series. Secondly, what drew me to it was the premise. I love horror as I've clearly stated many times before- a gay supernatural horror story is even better.

The character Sam Raintree was as most of the world would call a person of his stature- a whore. He gets hired on to help the BCPI crew with an investigation. Little did he know he would lust, and eventually fall in love with his straight boss in the process of the investigation. Oleander House was a mystery in and of its self. Many unexplained murders have happened there over a length of time. Sam and the crew attempt at uncovering the reason of the murders. Sam, Andre, & Cecile (I always want to say Cecil- lol!) all begin having gory-sex nightmares. He begins to envision things, yet he can't explain them, mostly due to his feelings for a man he can't have. Things escalate and the nightmares and the relationship between Sam & Bo get worse.

 I really enjoyed this book, however I did have a few things that made me want more from it. I don't want to divulge some of the info because I would feel it may ruin the story for anyone who wants to read it. Yet, there's a point towards the end that an event I don't think should have occured, or even maybe occured to another character. I also was hoping for more of a story after that "unsaid" incident happened, and before the epilogue. I think it was just a sense of wanting more to read on, as if something was missing. One more thing I want to point out is the sex scenes between this and Dragon's Kiss. I don't think that I can compare them because both works are in two seperate categories. However, I feel that Dragon's Kiss was way beyond a more extreme detail than in Oleander House. Yet in Oleander House the scene was imaginative. I hope in the continuing of the series I get my wish that Bo & Sam somehow can arrange a pleasurable "real" moment.

Thanks again to AB who with amazing talent has created another beautiful piece of work. I recieved her shipment today with autographed copies of her books Fireflies & What Hides Inside BCPI Series #2.  Looking forward to continuing Sam's story along with the help of the Bay City Paranormal Investigator crew.

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