Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Series By MaryJanice Davidson

Hey readers! Me again. Anyways I am excited to show you an email I received today from MaryJanice Davidson's assistant. .......

Steven -

Congratulations! MaryJanice has picked a number of people to review her newest series (Me, Myself & Why) and you are one of them!

Please email me your mailing address. The book will be sent directly from the publisher.

After you read it, please take a moment & let me/MJ know what you think! Don't worry if you don't like it - just let us know! All comments will be very useful!

Tracy Fritze

I am really excited about this. Clearly I have plenty of books to read still, but yay! I am unsure of what the series is about, since it's not even anywhere to be found on her website. However in reading just one of her books I know very clearly I will be enjoying it at any extent.

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