Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dragon's Kiss by Ally Blue

In a future ruled by superstition and fear, wanting the wrong man can be deadly.

A Mother Earth story.

The rules governing a Pack-Brother’s existence are simple. Love your Brothers. Protect each other and your Tribe with your life. Seek sex only within the bonds of Brotherhood, or your life is forfeit. The laws are harsh, but fair. Or so Bear has always thought. Then he and his Brother Lynx capture a stranger in the Carwin Tribe’s outlying lands—Dragon, a Brother from a distant Pack, banished from his Tribe for the crime of challenging things he shouldn’t.

Dragon intrigues Bear from the start, and not just because of his exotic beauty. Interest in the decadent old world is discouraged in this post-Change society. Dragon is the first person Bear’s ever known, other than himself, who’s curious about the vanished past. That kinship sparks a forbidden attraction between them. An attraction which is, if they give in to it, punishable by death.

In the space of a day, everything Bear was raised to believe is called into question, and he must make a life-changing decision—follow the law, or follow his heart.

First off I want to thank Ally Blue for being so gracious to send some stranger like mwah her work to review. *giggles* I also want to say how hard it is to give a review on a book that is written by someone you've actually been in contact with. I hate to offend her or give a wrong impression so here goes...

This is a story of a post-apocalypse era. I was in major of awe of how a woman, straight-married-has children none-the-less could write about a gay romance as deep and sensual as she did. The story focuses on Bear & his unbeknownst lover who is an outcast from another "clan." Bear has always been curious about life outside of his bubble. One day his friend Lynx and himself go on a hunt to capture a lurking being outside of their encampment. Lynx & Bear capture the being which turns out to be the outcast-Dragon. Things escalate and Bear decids to go against his instilled belief's and leave all he's ever known with Dragon as his mate.

I sincerely don't think that any woman could have outdone Ally's graphic and very believable portrayal of gay sex. I was also amazed at how a (under 40 page) short story could have so much detail and depth to it. I think my only complaint would be how short the story is. I wished it was more like a novel, short stories are a tease to me. I am excited for the release of Bear & Dragon's continuing story later this fall.

Props to AB for her creativity, enthusiasm, and her sense of humor. She kills me everytime.

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