Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Hey readers,

I just wanted to post an update so here it is. Yesterday I received the ARC of MaryJanice Davidson's first book in her new trilogy, "Me, Myself and Why." (publication due circa September 2010?) (You can also refer to the Undead and Unwed post.) I am excited to begin this book today. It is the "Uncorrected Bound Manuscript" version so it doesn't come with cover art or a synopsis. So I really am intrigued to read this and find out what it is about. It's like Christmas morning when you see that one huge wrapped present and have no clue what's inside it, but so eager to rip it to shreds and find out what's inside. Of course, I don't mean rip the book silly.....

I have since heard back from James G Hutchison who I blogged about in "The Accessory" review. He has asked me to send him examples of grammar errors etc. I am more than happy to do so. Although to do so I am re-reviewing the book in all its entirety. I started this yesterday and am at part two already. It's amazing how when you read a book again how it feels you have missed parts, or even find parts that mean something to you this round. I wish James the best in his process of writing the sequel to "The Accessory," which is titled "The Witness."

I am still in the process of reading "Gonville: A Memoir" by Peter Birkenhead. Sadly I had to put this book on hold with the influx of author interviews and author requests to do interviews coming into my emails. I am so excited for the interviews to begin.

In addition to books I'm reviewing I'm reading one for pure entertainment purposes. "Clueless: An American Betty In Paris," which is a short novel based off the movie from the mid 1990's. I began reading the book and had to actually stop and watch the movie. LMAO! Maybe it was my ADD kicking in again, but hey, I love that movie! May Britt Murphy rest in peace. I miss her every day since she left us in this world, and went to a better place filled with Manolo Blahniks, Dolce & Gabbana mini-skirts and Prada sunglasses with a hint of Dior Parfum wafting in the breeze.

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