Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Upcoming ARC

Hey readers! I had recently contacted author Gayle Forman in doing a review of her book, "If I Stay." This book is on Barnes & Noble's "Best Teen Book of 2009" ranking #9. As always I am excited to read a book from an author I've been unfamiliar with. It should be here within a few weeks.

Tomorrow I will be finishing the last bit of "Me, Myself & Why" by MaryJanice Davidson, posting the review here as well as sending it to her personal assistant. I am at part two on "Gonville: A Memoir" by Peter Birkenhead and hope to be finishing it by Thursday-ish. I am still re-reviewing "The Accessory" for James G Hutchison.

Sunday I went to one of our Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremonies and didn't have much time to read. Yesterday I caught up on as much as I could. Samhain has a week long e-book contest this week. I did join in on the festivities very briefly yesterday until my brain said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU HAVE ENOUGH WORK TO DO!" LOL! So no contest for me this week.

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