Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Mail Call

Hey readers! Tuesday's mail brought in "Moonshine" by Alaya Johnson courtesy of both Alaya herself, Loren Jaggers from Publicity at St. Martin's Press, and also from Ann Day Associate Director of Publicity for St. Martin's Press. The book came along with a media release from Loren and Ann. "Moonshine" will be published and in stores for purchase (14.99) in May 2010.

"Zephyr Hollis may seem as though she's a typical inhabitant in Prohibition-era Manhattan. A transplant from the ranches of Montana, she teaches night school to the underprivileged of the Lower East Side. She's generous and concerned for her fellow citizens. In fact, she's extremely socially conscious- you can find her volunteering in soup kitchens or delivering blood for the blood bank in addition to protesting for the rights of the Others that inhabit New York. These Others are otherwordly creatures, most notably vampire, that live among the human inhabitants. However, like everyone in the crowds of New York City then and now, Zephyr carries many secrets- secrets that protect her but could also very well cost her life.

Strapped for cash, Zephyr agrees to help a student, the mysterious Amir, who proposes she use her charity worker cover to bring down a notorious vampire mob boss. What he doesn't tell her is why. Soon enough she's tutoring a child criminal with an angelic voice, dodging vampires high on a new blood-based street drug, and trying to determine the real reason behind Amir's request- not to mention attempting to resist (often unsuccessfully) his dark, inhuman charm.

In her debut novel, Moonshine, (Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's Griffin; April 2010; 0-312-6-4806-5; $14.99), Alaya Johnson imagines a city of Others at the heart of the social struggles of 1920's. Moonshine blends vivid historical fiction and a bittersweet romance with a lively mythology teeming beneath the gritty New York City streets, complete with boarding houses, immigrants, tenements, and construction sites."

I know some of you may be thinking, "doesn't he have enough to read as it is?" Well bite me! (Pun intended!) We all know my weakness for good books, especially them paranormal, vampire, ones.

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