Friday, March 26, 2010

General Updates

Hey readers! Well I have been up since sometime yesterday...again! However I did get my 2010 Debute Author Challenge list posted, re-vamped my blog a bit, and also have 1 of 3 pages of author links posted. GO ME! I still have 2 more pages to post links on, and also about another page of author's to contact regarding ARC's and interviews. I am off to do some more leisurely reading to keep me busy until some books arrive. Before I go here's some more books on their way. Special thanks to: Chloe Neill "Firespell," Robin Friedman and her publicist "Nothing," Lindsey Leavitt "Princess for Hire," and the wonderful Melanie Wells for her trilogy "The Soul Hunter, When the Day of Evil Comes, and My Soul To Keep."

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