Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Me, Myself & Why (New Series) by MaryJanice Davidson

Hey readers! I just finished the book. I was so excited when MJ's assistant emailed me and informed me I was one of the lucky few chosen to read her new book "Me, Myself & Why." This is a new series that will be out for purchase September 2010. Upon arrival, I received the "uncorrected bound manuscript" version. Basically this means it hasn't been edited, no cover art and no synopsis. With no synopsis it made the book confusing for me to read for atleast the first 100 pages.

This book opens with a character who has MPD, multiple personality disorder. For about the first 100 pages I felt like someone had thrown my head in a blender on pulse. I finally realized there wasn't just one main character but three of them who are sisters, and one is Asian? Originally in my notes I had put "Chapter 2, WTF!?" I have never read a book by anyone where a chapter ends in the middle of a sentence and ends in the beginning of another. Looking back this is a very awesome writer technique. I don't know if anyone else has done it, but MJD has definitely used it as powerful strength in her abilities.

There were quite a few comedic parts as per MJD always does. One of my favorites is the opening scene where the character finds a vibrator and wonders where it came from. The story was well written, even tho confusing at first, interesting characters, and an end result that leaves the book open to continue the series. I also loved how she even referenced "the recession." Although it was a small bit it was nice to see a mix of current reality with fiction.

Cadence's childhood trauma causes her to create the birth of two sisters to help her cope with life. Years pass and she works for the government as a "criminally insane" branch of the FBI, whilst trying to "become normal" via therapy sessions. Throughout the novel you get to encounter each sister and her eccentricities as they all try to solve the case of the "Threefer" killer.

Out of the three personalities I think my favorite was Adrienne. Cadence for me was just too safe and boring. Shiro was a little more spunkier but average. I loved Adrienne's sense of reckless abandon, impulsive, eager, hungry for everything in life. What she wants, she gets...right now!

I am excited for the continuation of this series, as I am with MJ's "Undead" collection as well. Thanks again to MJD, and her lovely assistant who have blessed me with this opportunity. Readers you can find "Me, Myself & Why" in stores this September.

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