Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday only get better!

Hey readers! Well the mailman just ran and made my Monday even better. As I went to peer into the mailbox in anticipation of atleast one ARC, I was suprised to find four packages, a total of five books in all.

Todays packages are brought to you in part, no no no, in whole (lol!) by K.L. Going- "Saint Iggy," Vicki Lewis Thompson- "Blonde With A Wand, "Chick With A Charm" and an autographed postcard with the novels book covers, Robin Friedman- "Nothing," and last but not least Kate Douglas- autographed "The Demonslayers: Demonfire" that came with two bookmarks for her "Wolf Tales" series, book plate of "The Demonslayers: Hellfire" (book 2 due out September 2010) and lastly a postcard of "The Demonslayer: Demonfire." So thank you to K.L. Going, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Robin Friedman, & Kate Douglas for sending me some amazing novels to do reviews on! <3

WOW! I need to read faster! HA! HA! I am going to leave you with pictures from the packages and get back to reading a great book, "Forget Me Not" by Vicki Hinze.

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