Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Annoying Update. :)

Hey readers! Another annoying update I am sure...Today I have been attempting to get author links converted to images and banners. The links just seemed to go on forever and I think if I was a viewer on someones site like that it would be overwhelming. So I think the switch to images is a more eye appealing approach. I only have a handful up but I am hoping to have the full conversion done in a week...or less!!

Tomorrow I will be spending the majority of the day in a book coma. I will be finishing "Blonde With A Wand" by Vicki Lewis Thompson. You all can look forward to a double dose of reviews tomorrow first with "Princess for Hire" by Lindsey Leavitt (part of my 2010 Debute Author Challenge) and followed by "Blonde With A Wand" by Vicki Lewis Thompson. I will also be working on sending author Jennifer Estep her interview.

As you may have noticed I am getting a large amount of ARC's/Reviews piling up. I currently have 19 total on hand, with another 16-20 coming. Give or take a few. Beginning Monday I hope to knock out a few more reviews next week. I am setting a goal of four FINISHED reviews. *crosses fingers* I am off to read some before should be doing the same. Goodnight everyone!

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