Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Beautiful Between by Alyssa B Sheinmel

Firstly I want to thank Alyssa for sending me a copy courtesy of Roshan Nozari from Random House publishing. I seen this book listed on a website and knew I had to read it. Shortly after I had joined the 2010 Debute Author Challenge I noticed it was on the Debute List. I accomplished two tasks in one! I began reading this story on Friday, the first real day of Spring where I live. We were blessed with 81* weather, sun and no rain!

The story is a fantasy comparison to reality and is wonderfully portrayed throughout Alyssa's creativity. The stories main character, Connelly, imagines her life as a fairy tale. She uses the Upper East Side as the enchanted kingdom, Jeremy the school's most popular boy as the Prince, teachers as various noblemen and women, her mother as the "not-so-much" witch, and herself as the peasant girl. Connelly struggles with all the facets of teenage hell- school, boys, family and most importantly the loss of her father. She was never told the story of what happened to him when he disappeared when she was two. The Prince, Jeremy, comes to give and seek help with Connelly's Physics classwork and his SAT vocabulary. Little does Connelly know Jeremy has a hidden agenda. His sister's fate is the same as her father's.

I think of the story as a "Beautiful Between" of A Walk to Remember and "Gossip Girl." I think any teenager would be enthralled with this book. It tackles a lot of things that teens struggle with and I feel that is why they would love it; because it is easily relate-able! The book is released next month in stores. I recommend you all to get a copy and enjoy some fantasy/reality. I will be interviewing Alyssa next month so stay tuned and see what she has to say.

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