Saturday, April 17, 2010

Author Robin Friedman Interview

I was really inspired by Robin's book, before I even read it, "Nothing," about a teen boy facing bulimia. It's an enigma of sorts on this topic. You rarely hear of boys having eating disorders. It moved me that Robin wanted to make the public know of this. She kindly sent me a copy of the book upon my request to do a review. Thank you Robin for your time, knowledge and kind heart!
What inspired you to become a writer?

I've wanted to be a writer since the age of five. It was something I've always wanted to do since before I can remember, an innate need, like people who pursue music or art.

How long have you been writing?
Since the age of five! Professionally, though, since graduating from college. I also wrote for my high school and college newspapers before I got my degrees.

Of your work, which is your favorite, or that you hold dear for one reason or another?
I don't play favorites; most authors don't. It's like picking your favorite child! I love them all for different reasons:

-HOW I SURVIVED MY SUMMER VACATION because it's my first
-THE SILENT WITNESS because it's a true story
-THE GIRLFRIEND PROJECT because it's my first contemporary YA
-NOTHING because it's about a serious, important issue
-THE IMPORTANCE OF WINGS because it's based on my own childhood

As an author who is your favorite to read from?
I don't have a favorite author, but I do have favorite genres. Maybe because I write fiction, I tend to enjoy nonfiction when I'm reading. I love biographies, memoirs, and anything having to do with American history.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Writing isn't an answer! :)
Oh, I wouldn't have said writing! Because writing is work, not pleasure! Although it can be lots of fun, and certainly fulfilling. I love cooking and baking, gardening, animals, and going on road trips.

Any words of wisdom for your fans and readers?
Read what you love, not what's currently popular. And keep reading, because you'll learn about the world and about human nature, and most importantly, become a thinker, someone who can look at life critically, without being swayed by what's fashionable.

Robin I really enjoyed this insider look with you. On behalf of my readers, and Follower's I want to thank you for your time and words. Your wisdom insight was wonderful. Please don't be a stranger and check on in with us whenever you're free!


  1. Steven,

    Thanks so much for your lovely hospitality!


  2. Robin,
    You're quite welcome hun. I really enjoyed doing the interview with you as well as "Nothing." I hope some of my readers will take the time out to read such an amazing book.