Monday, July 5, 2010

Frostbite by David Wellington

Lost deep in the uninhabited forests of Canada's Northwest Territories, a young woman named Chey survives an encounter with a werewolf...but not without a scratch.
The instant those giant teeth sink into her flesh, Chey's old life ends, and she becomes the very monster that's haunted her nightmares for years. Even worse, if she's going to survive, she may have to rely on the very man-or wolf- who's doomed her to his fate.
When a team of hired killers descends on the forest, guns loaded with silver bullets, she is faced with an unimaginable decision: will she help these men sent to kill her enemy, or embrace the beast she has become?

I seen David's books somewhere on a website early this year. The cover art was so gothic, morbid and horror-ish that I knew I would love them. I emailed David for an interview/ARC request and he approved my request.

Wellington's story was written so descriptive and visual that is was not done in an over-whelming experience. He explains the details without having to use "page-filler," and still be true to the story. Every last detail included made this novel more compelling to read. Part two of the story was very much an edge of the seat page turner. Frankly his writing is unparalleled to any others I've seen. He wields his words into the most appropriate arrangement.

Part three was frustrating with Chey's circumstances that she finds herself in. I expected a little more climactic events, considering the previous acceleration of the story. Part four was as suspenseful as part two, if not more! The ending was a very agreeable one. It is hard to find an ending to a great book that I enjoy in this type of genre. David manages to do without disappointment or feeling like a part of the story just wasn't enough. I also liked how the author threw a curve ball at the ending. Either way his original ending or the one I had thought was coming, I am completely content with the way the story was finished.

My only complaints on the story was that part three could have had more to it. Also the character Lucie just seemed like she needed a more in-depth explanation. Thank you again to David for allowing me the opportunity to review his book and the ability to interview him. I truly did enjoy this experience.

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