Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plain Kate by Erin Bow

THE DRIZZLE HAD BROKEN INTO PATCHES AS THEY WALKED. As Drina scooped up the pale sand, Kate found herself standing in the smudge of shadow  cast by the deadfall. She had never before noticed the way shadows gave things weight, made them look heavy and real and connected to the ground. Without hers...
She edged into the light.
Her shadow looked strange and thinned. It seemed not cast against the ground, but floating above it, like a fog. What Linay had said was true. No one would notice this, at first. It was just an uneasy little change, like the half-felt movement of a boat that slowly induces a great sickness.

This is another part of my Debut Author Challenge. Erin has so graciously sent me a review copy and will be one of my future author interviews (resuming again in September). This is a fairy tale the way they should be told, not some Disney adaptation. It has that old fashioned feeling to it that gives the story more depth than it already has. A sense of horror, not of pleasantries. But I think above all that it is a story of family sacrifices.

I should have been able to piece together how the witch, rusalka, & the roamers all fit together much sooner than I actually did. Which shows that this isn't one of the "blah" books of 2010. The author has also included a glossary in the back, like some previous reviews have featured. Although I only wished she would have included a handful of other terminology as well. Some of it was very foreign to me and I couldn't decipher what the words meant even by reading the sentences. I can think of this book as one I would have read when I was a child. An exciting, yet scary, bedtime fairy tale. Thanks again to Erin Bow and Samantha Grefe from Scholastic Publishers for sending me this review copy. Congratulations again to Erin on the success of her debute novel.

Favorite quotes from this novel:
"The foolish will always treat you badly, because they think you are not beautiful..."

"...witches could not lie. People said that was the devil gave witches power, God bound their tongues to truth."

"But what is a body? Just a bowl for life. A bowl of breath."

"...because hope will break the heart better than any sorrow..."

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